E stands for environment, but also for sustainability; currently two ‘fashion’ words. How ‘environmentally conscious’ are you? How do you conduct sustainable business? In this modern era we all want to take care of our offspring and respect our scarce fossil resources. More and more customers will assess your products based on sustainability considerations.

How can we guide you in managing environmental risks and sustainable business operations? We can take care of the entire process from design, implementation, risk management and audits to certification of the environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001. You are also at the right address for defining objectives in relation to sustainability and for justifying them (sustainability annual report).

Environmental risks

There are always environmental risks associated with manufacturing and other exploitation processes. For example risks associated to the quality of soil and groundwater, noise hindrance, air emissions, generation of waste etc. all these aspects are a potential threat to your daily work and surroundings. We will help you identify, quantify and manage these environmental aspects.

Environmental management

Environmental management system conform ISO 14001 has a systematic approach to help you reduce and manage your specific hazards and associated risks. There are three important core aspects: compliance with legislation, the management of risks and the continued goals for general environmental improvement. A certificate for the environment management system is a token of appreciation of the way you company deals with the environment.


Sustainable development is of key importance to all companies. The challenge is to be a profitable business whilst minimizing the negative environmental effects that will affect the future and safety of our children. The annual sustainability report documents how your organization recognizes the need for sustainability, your policies and how you implement your development goals to ensure continuous improvement.