The letter Q stands for the Quality of service we can provide. Everyone has their own ideas about the meaning of quality. How do you manage quality? Which resources are available to allow your organization to achieve the required quality of product and customer service? We can guide you in the complex quality management process.

Q also stand for Quest, your question gives us the reason to “search” for a suitable, practical solution. Our experienced consultants have gathered practical information and expertise during more than 30 years working in production and consulting environments.  If you have a question regarding environment, health and safety, environmental planning or sustainable development then you can consult our “library of expertise” and we will provide a suitable answer to your question.


Our helpdesk consists of employees who specialize in monitoring the changes and developments of legislation. All questions are welcome. Does not matter if it is regarding changing or newly developed National or European legislation our specialists are up to date and can assist you.

How can we assist you?

We help you determining your choice. Setting up your organisation, clearly expressing your vision, determining your quality policy and strategy, providing a realistic management model, setting up a management system (ISO 9001, INK model etc.), supervising the certification process, carrying out audits, providing training and making annual reports belong to our work areas.

In short, we assist you from start to finish to achieve your quality objectives in time. ‘Just in time’ is our quality philosophy. And our helpdesk guarantees to help you with your question.