Small team of professionals

Anne Schippers founded SHE-Quest in 2006, and has been the owner ever since. Due to passion for her work and years of experience, she like no other knows her way through legislation and regulations in the area of health and safety, and the environment. The professionals SHE-Quest works with are also experts in translating relevant laws and legislation into concrete actions to be taken. For guidance in permit processes, legal support in legislation and regulations and answers to related matters you have also come to the right address. We do all this with the involvement that characterises us. We never only work at a distance, but always make sure to visit the company to truly get to know it; this is the basis for a thorough and reliable advice.
  • Perform a compliance baseline assessment.
  • Develop and implement a several year plan continuous improvement growth model.
  • Help with implementation of HLS- type management systems and/or compliance management conform ISO 37301 (former ISO 19600).
  • Supply support with revision permit requests.
  • Perform (internal) compliance audits.
  • Validate your internal compliance findings.
  • Assist your local compliance audit team.
  • Perform H&S risk assessments.
  • Assist with preparing your Environmental aspect register.
  • Help your organisation with safety training, ATEX, machine safety, Lototo, work permits, fire safety, risk management.
  • Help you with chemical safety risk assessments and workplace instructions (WIC’s).
  • PGS 15, PGS 13, PGS 29, PGS 30 compliance assessments.
  • NRB 2012 risk assessments.
  • Provide you with a relevant legislation register.
  • Assist you with demonstrated compliance and transparency.
How can we assist you?

We help you determining your choice. Setting up your organisation, clearly expressing your vision, determining your quality policy and strategy, providing a realistic management model, setting up a management system (ISO 9001, INK model etc.), supervising the certification process, carrying out audits, providing training and making annual reports belong to our work areas.

In short, we assist you from start to finish to achieve your quality objectives in time. ‘Just in time’ is our quality philosophy. And our helpdesk guarantees to help you with your question.


Our helpdesk consists of employees who specialize in monitoring the changes and developments of legislation. No question is too difficult for us. Does not matter if it is regarding changing or developing  National or European legislation our specialists are up to date and can assist you.

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