sheQuilibrium®, more than just a legal register

European, National and local laws and regulations, you have to deal with them. The laws and regulations in our country are constantly changing. The purpose of setting up a legal register is to actively track changes in laws and regulations. In short, being prepared for the changes that have consequences for business operations. In practice this is a matter for all departments within a company. When drafting a legal register, you create a clear added value if this is supplemented by a translation of the content into obligations per department and measures to be taken. Taking into account the market demand and in consultation with our loyal customers we have developed our own user-friendly software: sheQuilibrium®. sheQuilibrium® is a complete Compliance Management system that offers insight, auditing and up-to-date management conform the ISO 37301 compliance management norm.

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100% up to date

sheQuilibrium® contains all relevant current laws, regulations and guidelines and access to historical laws. Keeps the database up-to-date with changing laws and regulations and signals timely in preparation phases.

Content as desired

sheQuilibrium® includes the possibility to add your company non-legal obligations, own work permits and company regulations where desirable.

Translation of legal texts

sheQuilibrium® contains the translation from law to requirements, which includes an indication of relevance and priority. Users can assign actions by name and priority based on the risk method to be chosen.

Differentiation and monitoring

sheQuilibrium® has differentiated accesses with the filtered information by role, discipline and responsibility. Provides a dashboard for compliance managers to monitor.

Insight and overview

sheQuilibrium® clearly shows the measures/actions to be taken sorted by time and responsibility. It stimulates employees to access the state of affairs at their own user, department and/or organization level via the dashboard.

Advanced options

sheQuilibrium® can be used for audits and inspection and processes reports. It is compatible with other existing software systems within the organization, and contains a print and export function of the content.

  • Legal registers: occupational health and safety and environment;
  • Baseline compliance audits – What is relevant and what is the current status of your organisation?
    • PowerPoint report and separate Excel sheet with prioritised actions.
  • Assess or pre-certification Quick Scan of HLS-management systems:
    • Occupational health and safety – ISO 45001
    • Environment – ISO 14001
    • Social responsibility – ISO 26000
  • Support with on demand compliance improvement projects:
    • Short term project support for specific occupational health and safety or environment subject(s);
  • Support with “AIM-toets” (assessment of requirements from the Dutch Activity Decree and Ruling);
  • Training:
    • Introduction environment, occupational health and safety laws, regulations and compliance management;
    • Safety and environment specific subjects e.g. ATEX, Prevention officer, safe working with chemicals;
    • HLS-management systems.
  • Update service for laws, regulations and monitoring of changes to important standards;
  • 4 x per year a PowerPoint with relevant changes of laws and regulations;
  • AIM-test results – applied (only the relevant articles from the Dutch Activity Decree and Ruling are activated);
  • Optional meeting on location to discuss the update and the ask questions;
  • Helpdesk at reduced hourly rate and Service Level Agreement (SLA):
    • Questions about laws and regulations;
    • Application of standards;
    • Questions about our compliance tool sheQuilibrium®are always free of charge;
  • Periodical compliance audits provide a risk-based monitoring of the legal compliance requirements and associated risk-reduction measures;
  • In addition to the – under independent services mentioned – action list, the actions are also included in our compliance tool sheQuilibrium®;
  • Evaluation of services and requirements review.

Integral services

Services with a multidisciplinary and integrated approach. Key points here are quality, knowledge, experience with a pragmatic and customer-oriented approach. Our goal is to assist you to create a suitable yet sustainable compliance management solution that fits your own business objectives and operational plans.

sheQuilibrium®: Compliance demonstrably in control:

  • Legal registers: occupational health and safety and environment:
    • Keeping track of laws and regulations – ensuring you remain demonstrably informed;
    • Requirements directly linked to the law and therefore always traceable to the statutory rules;
    • Tips are progressively linked to the legal rules ensuring they do not become elusive;
    • Own permit requirements can also be included;
  • Compliance management:
    • Action management in the compliance tool sheQuilibrium®
    • Own actions can be linked to the relevant legal requirements;
    • Actions can be assigned to colleague’s;
    • Separation per department and different roles are possible;
    • Exporting action summaries to excel;
  • Reporting directly from the compliance tool: sheQuilibrium®
    • Results of audits will be processed / recorded so that your Compliance level is immediately visible;
  • Other wishes or new functionality for sheQuilibrium®:
    • A dynamic tool that is constantly being improved;
    • Possibility to express your own wishes in order to improve the user experience; or
    • Add new functionality.

Using our step-by-step plan, we guide your company or organization through the compliance process. Our sheQuilibrium® tool is tailor-made in five steps, mapping out risks, obligations, control measures, actions, etc.

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